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Very happy to announce that the third issue of Logue will surface Sep 2019. As always, Logue includes poetry, short prose and visual pieces by young and exciting American writers and artists, is edited by David Fishkind, and designed by Jens Johan Tandberg. The third issue features Caspian Alavi-Flint, Molly Brodak, Dayton Castleman, Jordan Castro, Michael Earl Craig, Zoe Dubno, Thomas J. Gamble, Ben Gocker, Liby Hays, Noy Holland, Stephanie Hurtado, Maddie Kuzak, Conor Lenihan, Abby Lloyd, Tao Lin, Jocktober The Mesh, Sam Michel, Ottessa Moshfegh, Oskar Nilsson, Nicolette Polek, Dawn Raffel, Bunny Rogers, Stephen Sturgeon, Alix Jean Vollum, Rebecca Warlick, Andrew Weatherhead, Mallory Whitten and Jon Woodward. Logue [yellow] is dedicated to Andrew Colville.

Previous issues of Logue available as .pdf here and here

Up until Aug 30, Logue [yellow] will be available for pre-order at 12 USD plus shipping (after Aug 30, 20 USD).

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Promotional artwork by Thomas J. Gamble